Friday, 11 May 2012

Poem - The Way I Do..!!

I Still Love You, The Way I Do.. 

I know ..

That You don't love me..

But I'll always love you,

..The way I do..
Years back when you'll turn back and see,
Standing, Where you left, You'll find me..
I miss the moments spent with you..
..I still love you the way I do..
The laughs and the fights
The kiss and those sighs..
The way you used to make love..
..I am always there with open arms,
Can't forget your charms..
Once you touched me,
..And I lost my soul
You're my world,
As a whole..
The kohl in my eyes is smudged,
My body is still un-hugged
I love you baby..
The way I do..

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