Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Un-seasonal Rain By Himmilicious

" this unseasoned rain gonna hit our bodies, I'm sure the present situations of our hands will change..

we're standing together on the terrace and we both know we're waiting to get wet.. ♥ 

.. just want to see your lashes getting volumed* and long behind these crizal spectacles by the rain droplets and waiting for the moment when you un-glass your eyes just to wipe them.. 

..the very next moment I'll grab your glass and hide it somewhere.. 

I wanna see you naked eyes.. 

I hate it always you hide them behind.. you have the most beautiful eyes I've eyes seen. dark brown, long almond eyes, always high on cigarette that drives me crazy.. 

♥ yes, I get turned on as I see the white shirt stick to you chest, it gives me goosebumps and I feel the rain drops more chilling on my hot body..
 No one is out there and the people on other terrace won't bother to see us.

The smell of earth getting wet mixed with the aroma of your body forcing me to come near you and stand on my toe to touch your lower lip with my tongue and wipe away the water..

.. yes, I'm jealous of the rain, its reaching those areas where my eyes can't reach, where my fingers can't touch you..

.. ♥ each drop of water shining like a pearl as the clouds turning dark.. I don't know Its you who's pulling me or the stokes of wind that is pushing me towards you.. I love this tug-of-war.. Pull me, kiss me, taste me.. 

just wanna get saturated by your love before rain caress my skin... ♥

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