Friday, 11 May 2012

Himmilicious- Trust yourself

At times it happens we depend upon others for our work Cuz of lack of self confidence.
Like if your big Bro is good in mathematics you'll get your project Done by him instead of doing by own Cuz you'll think he's elder, much experience and your ideal..
And the result comes kaddu...!

Well there's nothing to blame him. You were lazy, 
you were zero confident and you did not try Cuz of the fear of failure..

Have faith in yourself. No matter if you can't achieve 100% result But the 20% achieved will be yours!
Try again and cover the left 80%..

Its never late friends.. And success always comes in centimeters when you put effort of kilometers..

Divert your frustration and anger towards your goal, make it your energy and be successfull..


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