Friday, 13 April 2012

Encounter With Ex

What happens when a couple who were just great in bed meets..
Enjoy the erotic-romantic fiction..


Strange things happen... Yeah it was strange too... a bit filmy but actually happened in real life... felt like I am giving someone time performance...

After a long time I met him.. Met.. Well the more suitable word would be ‘I ENCOUNTERED MY EX... .’ It's been long.. I almost forgot him, his face, his style, almost everything.. I just remember a name… Arjun.. “The right target”… lol.. That’s what I used to call him every time he used to make me come by hitting my G-spot..

Well yes, I accept, everything faded out.. Except those a few memories... The way we used to make out.. Extremely passionate… no boundaries... no dirt feeling, as it is said.. Love making is just like meditating.. It was just he and I, bifurcated out of the world.. He and I were probably into a physical love. It felt we were made for each other just to be in bed.

Actually I never understood what he wanted from me..? He was the only man I had in my life.. I never saw anyone.. I wanted to demand from him but never could. I know he was just happy with me in the bed.. Or maybe he never understood me that I wanted his love too.. But I didn't complain, he was a beautiful phase of my life who made me feel my feminism.. And it was a mutual separation that we did..

.. He wanted money and got married to a daughter of a rich businessman.. I wanted power so I got married to a politician.. Big deal??? After all its about life.. A hole can be filled with a pole but the rest of the factors also needed to be satisfied..!!!!

It was a hot day! Mid June, I, being in academics, usually wear sari and dumb me..!! I wore a skin sticking satin saree... Hell lot of sweat, I just wanted to run out of college and soak myself into the bathtub! Somehow I managed my students and asked them to leave me for ‘Milton’s sake’ .. Sweet of them or say so sweet of me.. Anyways I left the building and rushed towards my car. Giving smiles and nodding my head to seniors and students, waving hands to colleagues..

Oh shit!!! Where the fuck did I park my car!!!! As usual, daily routine, I park my car and forget!! Phew.. Here is my city kitty.. Lemme just get into it or I’ll melt to liquid form.. Crap!! It's like a furnace.. Why why why me…??? Am I too fussy?? Is it?

Oh no!! I am like this only.. Since I own a tight ass, a cute tummy and small well shaped boobs with pointed tits!!!

Phew.. Let's leave this place.. I am prepared to be TRAFFUCKED.. Traffic jam.. Or say terrific jam..

Girls are bad drivers. Yes I accept they are born to have a chauffeur not to drive.. Huh!

Dreaming about a chilled bath.. Soaking myself in bath tub almost for half an hour, trust me I’d empty my ice box and fill the tub with all ice I have in my fridge.
.. Ouch!! Fucckkk!!! I banged someone’s car!! 

Eewww.. Safari!! That too U.P car!! Gosh! Must be some “Bhaiya or Luanda” or some right-left hand, leg, toe to “behenji” plz plz plz god not a bull!!

A decent man! Sweet sexy cute guy.. Sensible enough.. Pleeeeezzzzz… 

I will take up my whole class sincerely… promishhhh….

Door opens, red Ferrari edition puma!! Yankee jeans.. Tall man, dark, and a pony hanging at the back..!
wait! Pinch me! I.. Just.. Can't.. Believe… wtf..!! ARJUN… bang bang poww!!! Aditi darling.. You are finished! This man is going to eat you up..!!
Alright get out of the car, while he is inspecting his beast.. Yes that’s what he used to call his car.. Probably its his new beast..

“Ummmm.. Hey… ummm I’m sorry.. Was in a hurry.. I’l.. Make it mend.. Arjun…..”
He looked up.. saw me with surprising eyes.. For a few seconds he scanned me from top to bottom..

"Aditi.. You.. Slim.. Driving.. And in a saree.. Give me a break.. !

Well.. Yeah.. What to say.. My mistake.. Um how are you.. I mean m sorry.. (Shit.. I am nervous...)

Relax girl.. It's me..

Yeah.. I can see… your car… I mean.. Okay!! Phew.. I am sorry….

Ha ha ha!! You’re not changed.. Still nervous..??? Come.. And see , your damage is much more that mine.. Silly girl.. Ha-ha!!

Aaaawww… yeah !! My lights.. Hehe..!! (And a stupid girly trademark smile)


Ummm… well I guess you forgot…

Yeah yeah you don’t take caffeine..

(OMG! He remembers :-O wow!!! )

Come.. (Phew boss’ command.. And I followed like a trained bitch)

Um .. And the cars..???

Chuck that!! The driver shall get the both mend..!

Come white girl, you have sensitive skin.. Sun hates you!

And we moved to the nearby coffee shop..!

"1 tea and 1 lemon ice… “do you want something to eat??? 

Ummm.. No..

" So.. How have you been ?? And what have you been..?? Quite slim..!! Eh?? He asked..

"Well.. Working, married, and a daughter.. Yeah.. He wants me slim.. Even I wanted to shed.. You see.. 

"Hmm.. Nice nice baby..!!

And.. What about you..?? Still shaking, mixing and busy..?? How’s your girl..? Babies..? Mom- dad- sis-bro..?? Rest of the family..??

"All good.. Yeah busy busy as always.. No babies eh..

'Hmm well.. I lost weight.. But you are same.. Still… red shoes.. Lol.. Chewing gum.. Tea.. And smoke..!!

Hehehe! Yeah.. I am a rich man.. 

Ha-ha!! Great! That’s what you wanted I guess…?

Yeah.. I did.. And I still do..

Hmm.. Good How much time will it take to get the cars done???

(And he calls someone..) it will take time.. Two cars.. I told him to make yours first..

Hmm.. Thanks.. So.. For how long we going to sit here?? I can't eat much…!!!

want to go home??

Home!! Well.. I live in the south.. How come.. Metro??

My home girl..!

Yours? No..!! I mean your family..!! It's far.. And…

Well I live near by.. Just walking distance… and.. Its my Cheeta’s den!!!

(Oh gosh!! I know the word.. Ha-ha! This word made me smile.. Wicked smile.. But I hid it.. And the real fact.. I got the vibes of a tiger..)

Okay! Let's move.. !

And we walked towards the ‘den’.. My silent steps.. In saree.. And his elephant walk..

I murmured “kitna tez chalta hai ehh lambu”

And we entered.. Well I was wrong.. It wasn't a den.. It was a beautiful home.. All well maintained, clean, fresh flowers, lemon grass smell.. And the perfect thing.. Chilled.. Fully A.C.. ‘A heaven it was’ a guy came out and greeted us.. And went out!! 

Haaaaaiiinnn….???? Vo kyu Gaya…??? Hum dono akele..!! Kiska Ghar hai..? koi kya sochega.. jabki aisa kuch hai nahi.. 

A hell lot of questions running in mind..

“Sit down and make yourself comfortable”

Hmm.. Oh yeah.. And I sat on the couch..


Um no..!!

…. Hmm.. Be comfortable.. I’m coming..

He went to the washroom.. And I started looking around the place.. Nice window view.. Curtains.. Soft pillow..

“You want to use the washroom..??

Yes! ( I desperately wanted to wash my body but I don’t even know whose house is it.. its been two hours I was with him.. And he didn't even look at my boobs.. He is changed.. Well.. He is rich, have a wife, and probably sleeps around chicks.. God knows.. But he dint see me.. Nor did I feel like fucking him.. But I was getting comfortable.. More.. And more..)

Ummm.. Arjun.. Hope you don’t mind.. If I take a shower.. I mean.. I am not feeling comfortable.. I hate summer… and.. I…

“ Hey.. Stop , you talk too much.. Straight and left..!

I went to the shower.. Yay! Chilled water I am lucky.. I almost soaked myself for 15 minutes.. I felt so relieved.. fresh.. Towel..?? Eek..!! Kahan hai?? Here, there, nowhere..?? bahar hi hai kya..?? Bathroom without towel.. !! Not done..!!

Ummm Arjunn.. Where’s the towel..??
Here.. !! ( Haiiinn..?? Is he standing out of the door..?? )

Give it to me please.. Come out the way you are…!!!

Wtf..!! Gone nuts or what..? I can’t Arjun..

"I said come outside.. Wet, naked.. I want to see you.."

Well Arjun I guess you have gone mad..!! Get me a towel please..

Look girl.. I am standing outside.. And you have to come..

Arjun.. Please yaar.. Okay !! Give my towel.. I am coming outside..

I opened the door and took my hand out..

Aaahhhh!!! Crap he grabbed my wrist..

Arjun leave me please..

NO.. Come out and he pulled me outside..!!!

I was all wet.. Open hair.. White wet body, smudged Kajal, closed eyes, shaved pussy, waxed legs…

Someone has turned out to be a woman! He said..

Arjun.. I am married, I have a baby, I love my husband, and he loves me too…

I don’t want to cheat on him.. I said with closed eyes and down head..

Your boobs are more visible now.. And these stretch marks.. Nice…

( And I stood silent..)

“Look baby, I am the man who made you a woman.. I know each and every part of you.. And I guess you know I am not a rapist.. I always wanted it in a mutual way.. I just wanted to see how is my girl now.. Almost after 7 years.. I don’t love you.. I never did.. Just be with me.. For sometime the way you are.. Naked.. And if you can't wear my kurta..

“he gave me a white kurta.. His Kurta.. Lol at 5.4” girl wearing Kurta of a 6 feet huge man.. Sweet and sexy..
he wrapped his arms around my waist.. We moved into the same room..
“You okay?”
I smiled.. Yes.. You must be hungry.. Want some juice..??
No… I’m okay.. And he sat near me.. Took out his cigarette and started smoking…

I closed my eyes and tilted my head to the sofa.. He started fondling my wet hair..

“I like your hair...” I said, I like yours more.. I guess you remember how I used to play with your pony.. And I giggled.. 

Hmm… and he took a long fag.. I don’t know why.. I felt like hugging him... May be I felt good that he respected my feelings.. Oh, he always did.. Though he never said “I love you” but he took care of me.. Respected me.. He was a nice man.. And yes... He is still... a practical, matured nice man..

“Arjun… can I hug you..?”

Hmm.. Why asking eh? And I wrapped my hands around his chest and tilted my head on his shoulder…

(I wanted it?? Am I again getting attracted to him?? Am I crossing the limits…? Should I..? His arms making me comfortable... I’m feeling better... My husband?? Aaaggrrrhh...!)

What happen.. What you think..?

Ummm.. Nothing.. I am just feeling good...
Okay... And he smoked again..

want to go to the bed..?? Hug me there…!
I wanted to say NO... But I dint... I held his hands and stood up... We moved towards his bedroom... I was tired... And the obvious environment... Day long work, bath, food, chilled room and his cozy arms... Forcing me to fall asleep.. I took the bed sheet... And we both laid... I was on his left side... In his arms... My left hand was on his chest... I closed my eyes… and when I fell asleep… I myself don't know...

I felt his legs rubbing mine. I held him tighter... I could feel his warm breaths near my ears.. I wanted to stop him.. I was flowing away with every breath of his.. He was rubbing his shaved chin on my neck. I turned around and tilted my head a bit, gave him more space to rub. I liked it.. Kissing my neck, he started licking my ears..

Gosh! It gave me Goosebumps.. Whispering moans, warm breathes and the grip of my hand on the bed sheet getting tighter. His pore in my hair, moving, his tongue, licking my neck and ear. He came more near me.. I could feel his body at my back and his hands moving from my thighs to boobs.. 

I didn’t open my eyes. It was the pleasure I used to get long time back, years back.. He touched my tits over the kurta.. Ann… I sighed…

He is the only man who knows every point of pleasure in my body.. He knows I am a wild cat. He knows how to control my passion, when to hit the right target and every move of his drives me nuts..

He scrolled his hands under the Kurta and rubbed my thighs. He wanted me to lay straight but I resisted.. He squeezed my bums.. SSS.. It gives pleasure. Scrolling More inside he touched my tits.. Erected, tight and pointed..

He started teasing it. He knew it will turn me on.. I was all naked.. Just wearing a Kurta.. He got up and came down, holding my ankle, kissing me from toe to head..

Ah.. Can't explain.. Every kiss of his plays a different tune. Giving me soft bites he came near my belly button.. He touched it. Moved his finger to my navel.. I started breathing high.. And he kissed my navel..

Oh god.. I can’t resist myself of laying straight to give him space to suck my navel.. Every time he slides his tongue inside my navel, I hold my breath. This was the key to the strawberry between my legs.. I started getting wet.. I was getting high.. Drugged by his love.. The act.. And I turned straight. He started sucking it more passionately..

Aaaarrrjjuunn…. . He made me high.. I felt like going to his world.. Leaving everything behind. He kissed my thighs, he loved licking it.
I am still with my closed eyes. He touched my pussy. I resisted, and crossed my legs. But why can't I resist?? I want to throw him back but I can't.. Am I so marinated in the act? He started rubbing abdomen.. Pressing it in..

“You are wet.. I know you’re wet.., let me tongue the love juice Aditi”

No… Stop it.. I can’t.. I’m a normal human, don’t drive me crazy Arjun.. I’m loosing my control..”

“You want it Babbiiee.. I want to taste the salty juice!! Open the doors to another world”

No more resist.. I can’t.. I wanted it.. I wanted to be tongued.. I loosen up my thighs.. And he kissed them. And opened them slowly..

“See, my girl is wet.. Her pussy is shining and smelling sweet.. “And he touched the line dividing my pussy lips. Started rubbing the line he made my pussy wet with my pre-cum. Sliding his finger in he touched my clit. It gave an electric current to my body. Started rubbing up and down slowly.. From clit to my ass-hole..

“Be more wet baby” and I lost my control.. Now I was all his ways... He knew when I am high I can go to the extreme... I opened my eyes...

“You like it?? Shall I rub it more?? You want it..??

Yeah.. I said with a sigh... Make it more... Make me wet...!!!!!!!!

“He opened my pussy Lips and kissed my clit. I opened my legs and bent my knees. And he started... The magical tongue... He has... Started moving and working on my clit and his finger rubbing my hole. I was all stiff. My fingers in his hair, holding his head. He moves his tongue fast... Faster… and slightly entered his finger in..

Oh god!! His long finger goes in and touches the diamond! As predicted, I started moaning.. Lifted my upper body and with trembling lips I was taking his name.. a..r..junn…yo.. u making me… ba..bbyy.. slo…ww down.. And he started fingering me hard.. And licking my clit… I was breathing high and moaning like a cat.. He gave his other two fingers in my mouth.. And I started sucking them.. I loved sucking his finger.. Long ones.. I was all high.. My legs wide open..

I said.. “ arj..unn.. I want your dick.. I want to suck it.. He got real high.. And took out his fingers.. Wet fingers.. I grabbed his shirt.. And pull him near.. Over me.. Moved my hands in his neck and kissed his lower lips.. It was a passionate kiss.. As ever.. We were kissing each other. His hands on my boobs.. Pressing them hard.. Me sucking his tongue.. All tasted the cigarette.. Now it was my turn to take the lead.

He always loved it. When I ride him.. I was high.. Totally on him.. He was all over me.. I got over him.. Looking deep in his drunken eyes.. Big eyes.. Every-time I see them.. I fall in love with.. I looked deep in his eyes and smiled..

“You want me… don't you..?

Yessss… eat me baby..

I bent on his face.. Wearing the same kurta.. My hair falling on his face.. All covered.. It was just he and I look at each other.. Touching his lips with my tongue.. Kissing him.. I moved my hands to unbutton his shirt.. One by one I opened his button and kissed him down.. Down the navel.. It was not only him that knows all my secret locks.. But I too.. Have keys to his locks.. I love licking him.. Top to bottom.. Every part... I started with his belly and moved to his chest.. Licking his body I put my ass on his dick over the jeans..

Ummm… his cheetah was all high to meet his meow.. Filling the gaps of both hands, between his fingers with mine... I again rubbed my ass against his hard cheetah..

You’re hard... I like it.. Do you want me to eat your boy!!! He pulled me over his face and bend both hands at my back.. My breast was all over his face... He bite my nipple over the Kurta.. Ouch.. I groaned... I lifted my hands up and the only piece of cloth on me... The Kurta... I was naked... sitting on him... My firm twins with erected, hard dots were all bare in front of him... he grabbed them both and squeezed them hard.. I opened and threw his shirt away.. And kissed him down.. The navel.. I wanted to suck him.. Hard.. The way he liked.. Deep in throat.. chocking me up.. I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled it down.. And the “jokey” covering my horse.. And his ‘best pal’ came out to say hi..!! I rubbed his dick on face, neck and boobs.. It was a hot rod.. I kissed him.. And pulled open his jeans..

Arjun was all naked in front of me.. I could see… the hunger in his eyes.. And he got clear about how wild I’m going to be by my smile.. Kissing his thighs.. I moved up.. No.. No.. No.. I’m not that easy cat.. I wanted to tease him.. I kept on kissing around his thighs.. Balls.. Abdomen.. Holding his dick in my hand.. And pressing his balls.. I started kissing his bums and giving him sweet bites.. Kissing his back.. Licking from waist to back neck.. And sucking his shoulders.. I licked his ears.. Holding his dick I could feel the magic of my tongue on his ears.. “ Suck me baby..”

That’s what I wanted.. Wanted him to ask for it.. I opened his legs.. And put my head between them.. Held his dick and licked it.. And he moaned with a sensation.. I took his dick in my mouth and started sucking it slowly..

I wanted it to be hard to suck it tight.. I pressed his balls.. He was all open legs holding my head and hair at the back.. I was sucking him.. It tastes salty.. Licking his dick top to bottom I rolled my tongue all over his dick.. My head was in his control he started moving his ass and filling my mouth with his dick..

I was pushing him back.. I couldn’t take full in.. He liked it the way.. I guided him to stand down the bed.. And he did.. I sat on the corner of the bed and he stands in front of me.. Sucking his balls I was shaking his dick.. He was rubbing my tits.. That's making me high.. I laid on the bed with open legs.. And he inserted his finger in me.. And started making me high.. I again took his dick and started sucking it hard..

I was moving my head as if I am sucking a lollipop.. I was at the peak.. His finger made me so.. I wanted to come.. And he got to know it as I started moaning high.. And shaking his dick.. To control my moans he filled my mouth with his dick.. And… holding him tight.. I squirted.. All over his hands… aaaaahhhhhgggr… the high breaths.. And the contraction in my uterus.. Drove him crazy..

I was numb.. Threw myself on the bed.. He grabbed my thighs and pulled me near.. And started rubbing his hard dick on my wet vagina.. I just couldn’t move my hands. He opened my pussy lips.. And made his dick wet with my cum..

“ Get in.. ummmhh…” and he entered into me.. Aaaahh.. It was a feeling… tearing the wall apart, going in, deep into the flesh.. Hot and hard.. Aaaummhh.. I grabbed the pillow both hands.. He goes deep in me.. My wide open legs.. And he slowly gets in.. The pleasure.. A slight pain.. Deep breaths… felt like I have no control over my body.. I couldn’t open my eyes.. But still trying to open it..

“ Arjunn.. Slowwww d.. owwnn…” no!! I can't and he started his moves… going with me.. My boobs dancing in the air.. I got real high.. And opened my pussy with two hands.. He was moving to and fro.. Deep inside.. And Out… I could feel his tool rubbing in my uterus.. Hitting my womb.. And tearing the flesh.. He asked me.. Babbiiee..

I want your ass.. ASS..!! OMG..!! NO.. It pains like hell.. I can’t.. Never done it.. NO Arjun.. I want it.. ! He was crystal clear. I’l do it slow.. Won’t let you pain.. I know your body.. Came up on the bed.. And guided me to be in his favorite pose.. Be my cat.. I want to hump you from the back.. I did the same.. I was all with my big butts high.. He loved spanking them.. He squeezed my ass cheeks.. Held his dick to my hole and slowly entered it in.. He could have been a beast.. But he knew my body..

I never did “sex” with him.. Rather touched his soul.. And he started banging me.. I became wilder.. This pose.. Can make any woman forget her world.. And he was perfect in it.. Banging me from the back.. But this time I was scared.. He wanted a real ride.. ANAL..!! 

I've never done it.. He could see my spot twinkling and winking towards him.. He became slow.. OMG.. It drives me nuts.. And I cum…!! He wants me to come again??? He took his penis out and then slowly entered again.. I was holding his balls.. And he started rubbing my clit.. and touched my other hole.. I was high.. I wanted it more.. He pushed his finger in my ass a bit.. And said.. Loosen up.. You are getting tight.. Loosen up baby.. It won't pain.. I tried but couldn’t.. He took out his dick and rubbed my cum on my twinkle spot.. And again poked it deep inside.. Made my spot wet with saliva.. He slightly pushed his finger in..

Aaahhh.. No….!! I can’t… shh… just feel the pleasure.. You can darling… oh it pained.. Trust me.. With slow jerks in my kitty he kept on loosening up my ass.. Slowly… making it wet.. Getting more in.. Half of his finger was in my ass.. He started moving it setting a rhythm with his pace.. I started enjoying it.. He was drilling me.. And I was getting drilled… he took out his dick.. And told me to lay straight.. I did so.. He came over me.. And put all his weight on me.. Aahhh… Aarrjuunn.. You are heavy.. And he inserted his finger in my ass… I closed my eyes… sssss….. And clutched him by his shoulder… he now, put his dick in my hole.. Wide opened my legs… and started giving pressure to get his dick in.. Uh-uh God… it tore apart the walls.. Yeah…. nooowwww Aarrjjuunn… and he kissed me.. All that left were some choked voice and pain.. My eyes became red and pain rolled down out of them..

I closed my eyes.. A bit of his dick was in me.. He took it out.. And opened the nearby side table.. Vaseline.. He took a bit and rubbed it on my hole..”

See lady.. It's is going to hurt a bit.. Be prepared” and he wide opened my legs. And again a try.. I could sense it was his final and winning try.. he rubbed his dick.. On my pussy and entered it.. I was enjoying it all.. Unaware of the pain I am going to get.. And he jerked in his dick…

Aaaaaaahhhh…. Is all that I could say.. Half of his dick was in me and I was pushing him back unsuccessfully.. I started crying.. He stopped.. But dint take his dick out.. Okay.. Okay.. I am here Shhh… enjoy it.. Stop your tears baby… I was sobbing.. He started sucking my tits.. To make me calm.. Baby.. Finger yourself.. He said.. I started rubbing my clit.. And he entered his finger deep in my pussy.. and started tickling the G-Spot.

Ummmmh.. Arrjunn.. Ssshhh.. Eh…. And the moan started.. He synchronized himself with my pleasure.. “Open your ass” and with both hands I opened my bums apart.. His finger inside.. And he started moving his ass.. Slowly.. And turning me higher.. Leading to extreme pleasure..

Now I started enjoying the thing in me.. He took it out and again gave in.. It pained.. But I was high.. I bore it.. I was about to come.. Again!!! I said.. “ Fuuckkk me hard” he was waiting for this.. And he started giving the tight jerks.. And his dick full in my ass.. Hitting me hard and making me cum.. I held him tightly and screamed..” aarrrjjuuunn.. h.hho..olldd.. Me..” I was contracting.. All stiff.. Tight.. It pained him probably as he groaned too..

He kept on banging me till I became numb and energy loss… he took out his dick and touched my ass-hole.. It opened.. He gave his dick in my pussy and laid on me.. In the missionary position and I was just kissing him.. He made me come again and again.. He stopped.. Came by my side.. I held his dick.. And started shaking him.. Making love is a tough job..!!

I took his dick in my mouth.. It was all salty.. I wet it with saliva and started sucking it.. Slowly.. Making Arjun a tiger.. He needed to come.. His dick was hard.. I always enjoyed sucking it.. I came over him.. To ride my Arabian horse.. And tried taking him , deep in my ass.. Ah now this time it was a pleasure.. It went deep in my ass.. I started moving up and down.. Holding his chest.. And moving my ass.. With closed eyes.. Moving up and down..

He supported my bums and started hitting me from down.. Oh I never knew it could the great pleasure.. I was hitting it hard.. My pussy dropped some juice over him.. “ Make me come again” I moaned.. It was a hard pose.. Riding is never an easy job.. Your thighs get to pain.. Come again.. I looked deep in his eyes.. Fill my ass and erupt like a volcano.. I wanted him to come inside me.. He never did.. But this time it’s ass.. He could.. And yes he did.. He squeezed my ass.. And groaned high.. Oh he was exploding inside me.. As I wanted ever.. The feeling made me cum too.. And I sat.. On him.. Taking his full dick deep inside me.. My pussy squirted some juice over him.. And I painted him white..

I fell on his chest like a dead body.. Lifeless.. And he held me in his arms.. His dick was still inside.. None of us bothered to make them apart.. This is the time.. I wanted him.. He was truly mine.. Two numb bodies.. Feel like getting everything.. Peace, relax, especially when he wrapped me around..

A long apple bell…. The phone rang… I hated every time.. I hate phones.. And specially the person calling..

Aditi.. Aditi…!! Wake up baby..!! What..?? I woke up suddenly.. What happened..?? It's 7 pm.. We fell asleep.. I too slept and didn’t aware of the time.. Cars are there.. All set.. Let's move.. 

I am late.. …… Speechless.. All I stared him for a few seconds.. It was all dream..?? We didn’t make it out..??? 

Why I am feeling numb..? I am wet for sure..!! Did I fuck him in my dreams..?? Get up girl.. You okay?? Sound sleep you got..!! You hugged me so tight..!!

All I gave him a smile.. And said.. This was the most passionate love I made out with you!!

He got the view and winked.. I left the place in satin saree.. With a smile.. There’re many more things I want to say.. But first let me reach home..

To.. Be… continued..