Thursday, 12 May 2011

Lemon Tea in White Safari

May 12, 2011
New Delhi.

It is really hard to explain the feeling when you actually date your ‘crush’ for the first time. 
First crush, I’d rather say.
I checked myself almost about twenty times in mirror, messed my entire wardrobe just to choose a dress, and I chose black.
I’m a dusk and short girl. Just touched my 18, a new adult.

I met him on facebook and to confess, I was attracted to him. Many males approached me in school and college but this was probably first real man I was attracted to.
Real man because all others were out of my reach – Actors from Hollywood and Bollywood.
He was not much good looking man but filling the criteria of a tall, dark and handsome.
Most of the big girls always talked about “TDH” factors, I too tried to like it so chose this man.
I wanted to be a big girl….!!!

In black dress I was waiting for him. A slight smile on my face and connected by text messages.
(He wooed me almost for a month on facebook messages and texts, after exchanging numbers.)

At last he reached. 

Phew...! My heart was literally hopping like a kid wearing new blink-o-blink shoes with red lights. A white safari stopped a few steps ahead.
I was nervous. My cheeks and lips started palpitating as I was trying to look normal and smiling. 
I stood near the car and he opened the gate. 
“Hi sweetie” he greeted me with a smile and I smiled too.
It was the first time I was meeting a person out of my acquaintance, elder and giant.
I banged my head while entering the car. 
“Easy, be comfortable…” said he.
I sat in the car. I could not dare to look into his eyes. I was nervous, but he looked so chilled, calm and it felt like he's not meeting me for the first time.
(Me or probably any girl, he saw twenty eight springs of his life.)

He carried a weird attitude... 'I don’t give a damn' kind of. Wearing a superman t-shirt and red puma shoes, he was continuously chewing a bubblegum.
“So… where you wanna go?” Asked he in his baritone. 
“Umm.. I don’t know… anywhere.. You like..” I said with a pause.
“Okay” and he started driving.

Although for a long time he tried to make me comfortable, yet I was with my deep breathing procedure. I used to talk to him, all day long. Kisses, hugs, intimate talks and sex chats were part of our daily conversation. I was comfortable in that virtual relationship. Felt like having a boyfriend but actually he was not.
His talks increased my eagerness towards having physical relationship. I wanted to know how it feels. I heard my seniors saying “matured men are good in bed- well experienced”

I knew he's a busy man, or maybe he portrayed so. He was manager into hospitality. (As if I know what it is?)
He used to work with odd timings so his individuality was respected. (To be honest I was afraid of losing him so preferred not to question him more about his work and time schedule)

Not speaking much and carrying a smile I was just sitting in car surrounded by the music of coke studio and random thoughts. I recalled everything. Our chats, talks, kisses and the virtual sex.
Like an ordinary girl weaving the bed sheet of imagination, decorating it with a design of fear, excitement, romance and ‘those moments’…..

Yes, I accept. It was love at first sight. Probably!
Probably because I had many men around me of my age but I wanted an elder guy, I was influenced by my ‘didis’ in college. I wanted to get physical, but if I would have chosen a same-aged guy from my college or so, he could have rumoured about me. 
He was not the man I wanted in my life, I never liked the TDH men; even I never liked uncle type men, I like boys, cute, fair and of my age, with whom I can hang out, go movies and discuss things of same interest. But I had nothing to share with him except those ‘muaah- baby- love you- fuck you’ stuff.

He was completely an opposite personality. A Tam-Brahm.
Now I agree with the quote..

''Love is always with the wrong person and if the person is right, time is wrong''

after a short drive, we stopped at a tea stall. It was his known place. He smiled at the chaiwala,
“haan! Kya haal, do bana do?” ( how’re you, make two cups) he ordered something!
I didn’t know what he ordered. I don’t drink chai.
After ordering the guy, He looked at me. “Lemon tea” 
“oh okay!” I said

He shifted his seat back and lowered it a bit, turning his face my side he started talking.
“So... Finally we met! Looking good baby!”
I blushed. By now I was a bit comfortable and he was staring at my bulges hidden under intentionally worn deep neck.
“Make yourself comfortable” I did as he said, turned my face towards him.
The hot lemon tea came and we started talking about the coke studio songs.
MUSIC!!!! Our one and only common interest! 
Wow! Every moment was beautiful. He took out his cigarette and started smoking. Mannered he was. Smoke didn't reach me. Still chewing he started sipping the tea.
I was humming along the song and he was tapping his I phone.
He didn’t know, I don’t like lemon tea, never liked the McDonalds’ one too. So I waited for it to get cooler a bit.

We talked about mobiles, songs, facebook and other useless things. 
He moved, changed the number and played a beautiful seductive song. Woofers in his car made it more enjoyable.
‘Ten… Kiss me on the lips…Nine… Run your fingers through my hair…”
It was a really seductive song with a good music. I heard it for the first time so asked. “Which song is it?” 
“Touch and Go – Straight to the Number one” he said.
I started enjoying the song, actually projecting the lyrics in my mind. Unaware of his actions and intentions I started tuning my head to the music. 
He raised his hands and tucked my lock of my hair behind my ear sliding his last two fingers, softly on my cheek. He felt my skin and I felt his touch. The first manly touch of my life. His hands were not soft as mine. They were rough but pleasing.
Suddenly I felt something strange in my abdomen and got Goosebumps. I got numb and rested my warm body on the seat with close eyes. I was breathing high. He leaned on me and came too near that I could feel the smell of cigarettes in his warm breathes. My pink petals got opened by its own and he stopped, went back to his seat and filled the gaps of my small fingers with his big ones and put in on the gear, clutching my hands he pulled the gear and started driving.
The music was loud and my lemon tea was Lemon iced tea by now.
He drove comparatively fast, receiving calls and chewing the gum he smiled at me, I did the same.
He caressed me on the drive, touched my hair and hands. My cheeks and earlobes.
His tough was making me warmer. I couldn’t hide and he noticed my desire.
Managing through the south Delhi traffic we reached Lajpat Nagar, a big and beautiful house it was.
He parked his car down the building.
“Come sweetie, let’s go.”

“Whose home is it? Where’re we?’’ I asked hesitantly and wondering whose house was it.

“My home, come in and be quiet while going upstairs” He said, getting down the car and checking for the lock.

I followed him to the stairs and we went to the second floor. I stepped silently to avoid making noise. Too conscious I was. I felt as if I’m doing a bank robbery.

He opened the room and we entered inside. Switching on all the fans he moved to switch on the A.C and then to the fridge.

“ Do you want water?’’

“Yes” I was nervous and thirsty. I could not conclude what I was doing there.

He handed me the bottle and took both the remotes – A.C and T.V. 

He went to the sofa and put his legs on the table, switching on the television.

“Come sit, it’s too hot outside” I was sweating too. I wiped my face with hands and stepped towards him.

“Can I use your washroom please? I want to wash my face.”

“Yes sure” he got up, walked towards the washroom and I followed him.

Switching on the lights he opened the door for me. “I’m in the hall”

Washing my face I was looking in the mirror, asking to myself, what am I doing?

Stranger, someone else’s home, man, alone. I was confused and blank.

I know I wanted it. I wanted the pleasure, I have heard and seen.. but… why now, these questions are hovering in my mind?

Why am I so unsure now? Why am I nervous? If he also tells everyone?

But, nobody else knows him. 

What If I do everything today? Will he leave me? What if I don’t do anything, no one knows I’m here, if he rapes me!!!! What If I get pregnant? And AIDS!
I was staring my eyes in the reflection. Battling with my thoughts I was interrogating myself. I had to go out. I can’t hide myself in this bathroom. Let’s face it. I rinsed my mouth and took mint spray, rubbed some strawberry lip gloss and finally after polishing my makeup quickly, I sprayed perfume and checked my lingerie.
I went back to the hall; he was again fagging and sipping some orange juice.
“All okay baby?”
“yeah, feeling relaxed..” and I frowned at his cigarette.

“Hmm, but your bra strap is still out” he said intentionally and I flew in some mixed emotion of embarrassment and nervousness.
I sat beside him and he was shuffling some channels. He was not at all in haste. Not excited and not nervous.
How could he be so calm and non-hunter? Am I not so appealing? Is he not interested in me.. Now..? Do I look different from my pictures on Facebook?

I was hunted by these questions and he held my hands. “So soft and small hands you have..”
“And you have so big palms, both my hands can easily come in your tiger paws..”
“Hmm... And you too, can come easily, in my arms” and he pulled me near.
I giggled a bit and pretended to resist. I felt good but I didn’t wanna show how desperate I’m to be in his arms, to be touched by him. His palms….
As he grabbed me in his arms, his fingers touched my breast from side.
Again the same feeling of numbness covered me but the texture was different, It wasn't the same butterflies but a tornado passed by leaving the trails of Goosebumps behind.

“Why are you so cold? Shall I switch off the A.C.? I see the Goosebumps”
He said noticing the change in my vibes.

Vikrant came near my shoulders and blew my hair locks behind, he smelled my skin and it seemed as if a hungry wolf is inspecting his prey before penetrating his teeth to eat. He had a groan in his breathe that made me lose my command over my consciousness. I could feel his warm cigarette dipped breathes on my ears. I battled with my eyes to keep it open but I failed. The more I tried the more I failed. He pulled the neck of my t-shirt along with the black strap of my bra to see my shoulders.

I had closed eyes now. He kissed left shoulder and liked it slightly. His warm wet kiss made my body more sensitive and my breaths rose higher. He licked me from my shoulders to my neck and I couldn't resist this extreme pleasure. I tried to take away myself from it. So I pushed him back a bit. Up to now I was jailed in his arms and I did not want to set free.
He leaned over me and started kissing me from my neck to behind my ears and to my cheeks.
I surrendered!

I could not resist more. I felt as if I leaked something. It was something same, when I watch porn or fantasies someone, as I used to fantasies Vicky.
I was wet and getting desperate. I dug my nails in his thighs over his jeans. My hands wanted to grab something. I lost my energy and softened my body. My last hope failed when he held my face and licked my lips. My strawberry coated pink petals opened itself to lock him.
And it was a lip lock. He dug his tongue deep in my mouth and started sucking my lips. I was not moving but how to breathe?
I held his shoulders and grabbed him. He was sucking my lips and now, I've started sucking his lips too. Bitter he tasted but his saliva was sweet and cold that eventually got warmer.
He pushed me back with his chest; actually he started putting his weight over me.
We were on the same sofa and he was completely on me now. His subtle pecks around my lips to cheeks to neck were illusive. He playfully bit my flesh from shoulders to make the moment imponderous and chortled. It made me chuckle too and my semblance rouged.
“Did you like it?” he asked dandling me.

I said nothing and located myself comfortably on the love seat. I was already high