Monday, 11 May 2009

We re the girls!


having biceps, triceps, thighs, calf, muscle,back, shoulders, abs.. world's greatest and hottest and sexiest and and and strongest body...???


but, can u carry 3400 grams baby for 9 months..?? Or can you cook, clean the room, paint ur nail, put on makeup and talk on the phone with full concentration at the same time...??

can u carry lots of shopping bags and still manage to give sexy, seductive, cute smiles..?? Or can u walk, dance and spend whole day with 5-7 inches pencil heels..??

can u poke ur eyes with eye pencil, pull body hair in every 2 weeks, burn ur forehead with curling iron..??? Or can you wear those breath chocking tops, jeans, and sexiest backless dresses to whom you drool at..???

can u cry whole night with broken heart, shattered feelings, bruised soul and wake up next morning like everything is okay.. without choosing alchohol or a sex partner to heal up...???

yes, we take a walk in whole house with toothbrush in mouth fot almost half in hour!!
yes, we Read the text on the shampoo bottle in the shower and wash our hair 2 times daily!!
yes, we Laugh at our jokes when we haven't even shared it with others yet for many minutes!!
We can read something 10 times without understanding it, or watch boring movies many times without making faces!!
oh hell yeah!!! we Push the door when it clearly says " PULL" and We ask "what?" when we clearly understand everything..... ;-)
we Hate it when the wind messes our hair up or our kajal smudges off!!!
yeah! we Look in the fridge 10 times without eating anything assuming there will be something new!!
and we Have to call our own phones to find it and sometimes we find it in messy jeans under the washing machines..!!
ummm.. for sure we Check the time on our phones when we are wearing a watch!!
we Turn our pillow around so we sleep on the cold side and When we stay up late we count how many hours of sleep we will get. ..

this is the way we are... dumb, idiots, stupids... but close to ur heart...
we are the girls...!!!